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Optimize your indirect procurement processes with Meplato.

Meplato Procurement Services is your partner to squarely meet your requirements in indirect purchasing

International assortments, best-in-class suppliers and a closed marketplace with full supplier transparency: That's Meplato Procurement Services.

Meplato for Buyers

Get access to a broad, international product range of millions of articles. Reduce the number of creditors while, at the same time, expanding your assortment. Take advantage of the opportunity to establish free-text requests to selected suppliers per commodity group. Meplato provides you with a unique product and service portfolio that is focused on your individual needs and requirements.

Expand your product range with Meplato

Supplier Management & Consolidation

Transaction Management & Invoice Processing

Price Benchmarking & Spend Analysis

Buyer & Supplier Matching

Connecting Local Suppliers & External Procurement Services

Meplato maintains close and intensive relations with international top suppliers and focuses on strategic partnerships with the aim to ensure the broadest product range across all commodity groups within indirect procurement due to a perfect mix of selected suppliers. This combination, combined with our closed marketplace, non-public prices and transparency towards buyer and supplier is reflected in a low product price level for more than 23 million products.

Optionally, Meplato takes over the consolidation of any amount of national and international suppliers. This can be both existing contract suppliers with their own framework contracts as well as not catalog-integrated suppliers due to low volumes. Meplato is acting along existing KPIs & purchasing strategies and supports purchasers particularly in assortment gaps & potentials for optimization. Meplato as the single creditor is able to significantly increase the catalog based procurement along with a reduction of the number of creditors.

The order and settlement process through Meplato as a creditor is simple and transparent. After the provision of catalog contents the consumer is able to search seamlessly in the Mall and to assort shopping carts via the internal e-procurement system like SAP SRM or Wallmedien’s WPS. Meplato undertakes all stored operations with the respective supplier. Thereby, the entire invoice processing is directly and exclusively managed by Meplato as a creditor.

Meplato analyses price and delivery conditions on the basis of more than 170 million products and product variants and identifies optimisation and savings potentials. Purchase organisations are able to compare their key assortment to business line benchmarks, validate alternative suppliers and maintain watchlists, particularly for observable products.

Meplato supports you to find the “perfect match” between buyer and supplier. Based on the supplier integration strategy of the purchase organisation and the applied profile of the supplier, Meplato identifies and rates the scale integration according to individual determined company KPIs to ensure a running procurement process.

Purchase companies are capable to set direct requests to stored suppliers or per commodity group. Additionally, not found articles can be ordered via integrated local purchase service provider. Anytime it is evident, which supplier provides the selected article, for example labeled by supplier@mps.

Via Meplato, we were able to complement our product coverage systematically by new assortments in 6 European countries. Without any anchors, employees can find Meplato’s assortment directly via one search within the e-procurement system. A significant advantage concerning the user-acceptability.

Kristian Bethge Head of Indirect Procurement, Automotive

A Closed Club—100% Supplier Transparency

The key factor of success for using a market place is a solid and high performing supplier base. Meplato works closely with over 200 premium B2B suppliers and relies on a high degree of transparency. Regular supplier events, permanent content analysis & suggestions for optimisation and the complete visibility compared to purchasing are standardised.

For suppliers means working with Meplato:

The development of a high market potential composed of international large-scale enterprises with hundreds of thousands potential clients.
The increase of brand awareness due to maximum transparency at the point-of-sale.
Competitive advantages concerning the use of Meplato’s tools for catalog preparation and free-text requests.
The growth in sales due to a higher customer satisfaction and faster purchase order processing.
The support in refining the internal content and therefore more scores in search result of purchasing companies.
The generation of new business opportunities and relationships via the Store as a central supplier application.


  • Strenge

    Strenge GmbH & Co. KG

  • Omnilab

    Omnilab Laborzentrum GmbH & Co. KG

  • RS Components

    RS Components GmbH

  • Kistenpfennig

    Kistenpfennig AG

  • Sonepar

    Sonepar Deutschland GmbH

  • Delker

    Friedrich Delker GmbH & Co. KG

  • SSI Schäfer

    SSI SCHÄFER - Fritz Schäfer GmbH

  • Fegime

    FEGIME Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG

  • Brammer

    Brammer GmbH

  • Werkzeug Weber

    Werkzeug Weber GmbH & Co. KG

  • Löffelhardt

    Emil Löffelhardt GmbH & Co. KG

  • AFB Elektronik

    AFB Elektronik oHG

  • Kroschke

    Kroschke sign-international GmbH

  • Office Depot

    Office Depot Deutschland GmbH

  • Jungheinrich PROFISHOP

    Jungheinrich PROFISHOP AG & Co. KG

  • Max Systems

    Max Systems GmbH

  • Paul Preising

    Paul Preising GmbH & Co. KG

  • Reiff Technische Produkte

    REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH

  • Schreiber & Weinert

    Schreiber & Weinert GmbH

Currently, we are actively seeking new suppliers in the following commodity groups

Office supplies, office furniture, office equipment

Office supplies, office furniture, office equipment

Workshop equipment, tools

Workshop equipment, tools

IT equipment

IT equipment

Factory equipment

Factory equipment

Automation engineering

Automation engineering

Labeling, Industrial supplies

Labeling, Industrial supplies

Anna-Maria Osterhaus

We have 25,000 suppliers in Germany and just 150 with pre-negotiated framework agreements. The Mall as a central platform facilitates us to integrate the remaining 24,580 at its best.

Anna-Maria Osterhaus Head of Strategic Purchase, Automotive

I want to be noticed as a supplier. Particularly in the search results of the consumer, my client. This has always stopped me to position my product range on public market places. Via Meplato I benefit from all aspects of a direct connection without any underlying expenses.

Magnus Rademacher Head of Sales D-A-CH, Electrical wholesale
Magnus Rademacher