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Create and manage your product range via the Store and get access to the procurement channels of international procurement operations. Via catalog, web shop, or free-text requests: Enable your customers to access your assortment via all possible channels and business models and increase your potential sales volume.

Open up new sales channels via the Meplato buyer network. Set your mark by becoming a reliable partner for your new customers. Enable purchasers to discover your capabilities and join us in expanding into new markets.

We recognize that every supplier has their own strategy and sales model. Our solutions cover these aspects both from a commercial as well as a technical standpoint.

Use the Store as the center for connecting with customers and international markets. Store connects seamlessly into all leasing eprocurement systems such as those of Wallmedien or SAP SRM. Make your content ready to be published to marketplaces or procurement service providers.

Our self-service solutions are intuitive and ready-to-use without training or installation costs. They come with APIs that enable you to e.g. automize content synchronization.

Manage your content and projects

Over the years, your infrastructure has grown and your sales strategies have been changed to meet the demands of new markets, business models and technical capabilities.

Meplato supports suppliers to become part of large procurement networks, adopt to new business models and expand into new markets and regions.

The supplier in the focus
Depending on their purchase strategy, large-scale enterprises procure indirect material via diverse channels, controlled by order volume, order frequency, commodity group strategy and class of goods. On the sell site there are different technical and commercial ways to support the connection to the Meplato procurement network. Manage your content in Meplato Store. Become a free-text supplier via Meplato Kiosk. Or use the Meplato Hub to make your web shop compliant with the requirements of your customers.

Meplato Store is an OCI 5.0-compliant catalog management platform. Use Store to upload, manage, validate and publish your catalogs to an unlimited number of purchasing organizations. Meplato Store is available via your web browser; no need to install any software at your side.

Meplato Kiosk enables your customers to send you free-text requests while retaining process-compliance.

Meplato Hub acts as a router to web shops and is used by over 100 purchasing organizations worldwide. It ensures that shopping carts routed between you and your customers are compliant regarding the requirements of your customers. Hub e.g. seamlessly translates eCl@ss to UNSPSC and provides customer-specific field mapping and transformation.

Manage your internal client contracts within the store, connect yourself and your key assortment to plenty of purchase organisations via one single creditor (e.g. Meplato Procurement Services) or distribute your product range into other open catalog cloud platforms. Meplato supports every preferred sales channel and suggests new channels, possibilities and potential sales volumes.
Meplato allows to connect to every e-procurement system possible. Whether WPS, SAP SRM, Meplato Mall as a closed catalog cloud or other applications—you are able to act flexible on purchase requirements and to offer your clients every kind of content preparation. Within the Wallmedien/Meplato landscape the integration occurs on its deepest level with one central search for purchasers and at most visibility of your assortments and your supplier profile, without any OCI-anchors or complicated processes.

Meplato enables us to enter new key markets. Without any consulting costs, the Store allows us to create simple and fast electronic catalogs and provide them to our clients.

Josh Vanguard Head of Sales & E-Commerce, Office Retail

Customer References

  • Piel - Die Technische Großhandlung GmbH

    Piel - Die technische Grosshandlung

  • Strenge

    Strenge GmbH & Co. KG

  • Omnilab

    Omnilab Laborzentrum GmbH & Co. KG

  • RS Components

    RS Components GmbH

  • Kistenpfennig

    Kistenpfennig AG

  • Sonepar

    Sonepar Deutschland GmbH

  • Delker

    Friedrich Delker GmbH & Co. KG

  • SSI Schäfer

    SSI SCHÄFER - Fritz Schäfer GmbH

  • Fegime

    FEGIME Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG

  • Brammer

    Brammer GmbH

  • Werkzeug Weber

    Werkzeug Weber GmbH & Co. KG

  • Löffelhardt

    Emil Löffelhardt GmbH & Co. KG

  • AFB Elektronik

    AFB Elektronik oHG

  • Kroschke

    Kroschke sign-international GmbH

  • Office Depot

    Office Depot Deutschland GmbH

  • Jungheinrich PROFISHOP

    Jungheinrich PROFISHOP AG & Co. KG

  • Max Systems

    Max Systems GmbH

  • Paul Preising

    Paul Preising GmbH & Co. KG

  • Reiff Technische Produkte

    REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH

  • Schreiber & Weinert

    Schreiber & Weinert GmbH

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