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Meplato supports suppliers to become part of large procurement networks, adopt to new business models and expand into new markets and regions.

With our services, you take the integration of your assortment to the next level.

(All prices apply from April 1, 2024)


  • Supplier profile on our platform
  • Demo catalog with 1000 items
  • Management of connection orders with automatic notification
  • Catalog and webshop connections before April 1, 2024


(per connection per month)

Billing is based on the use of a catalog or store connection that was set up after April 1, 2024

  • Provision of catalog data or OCI/cXML webshop to the respective processing system.
  • Included services for OCI/cXML webshop connection:
    • Initial integration by Meplato.
    • Ongoing forwarding of shopping carts.
  • Included services for catalog connections:
    • Manual provision via file upload or API.
    • Automated catalog delivery possible.
    • Catalog verification for conformity with buyer-specific requirements.
    • Catalog error reporting with correction instructions.
    • Feedback on catalog data quality with suggestions for improvement.
  • Introduction to Catalog Cloud connection/usage in a 30 min. web session.
  • Support for technical problems and assistance with technical questions via:
    • Ticket system
    • Service hotline +49 30 577 000 9127 available on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.
    • Supported languages: German and English.


Guided Setup
  • Assistance with the initial setup of your central platform access through 3x 30 min. guided tours via web session

Premium Services


(per connection/per month. Costs apply even if the connection was set up before April 1, 2024)
  • Custom adjustments of the connection to meet the buyers’ requirements
    • Individual mappings of standard classifications
    • Individual mappings of units, etc.
    • Addition of standard values


Technical Support Session
(bookable ad hoc)
  • Technical online support to assist with catalog and webshop integration and questions regarding catalog creation/optimization by a technical consultant.


Setup Support
(bookable ad hoc)
  • Assistance with account setup
    • Profile creation
    • Initial steps


Media Hosting
(per supplier/per month)
  • Hosting of physical media files (images, PDFs)


Comming soon
  • Capture and provision of data to meet sustainability requirements
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Social Compliance
    • Governance Compliance


Comming soon
  • Evaluation of the competitiveness of individual product groups and articles at connection level
  • Rating and monitoring of your connection
  • Automatically generated insights
  • Provision of individual price ranges per item and automatic selection of the appropriate competitive price


Comming soon
  • Custom adjustments to the connection to meet buyer requirements
    • Custom mappings of classifications
    • Custom mappings of units


Comming soon
  • Enrichment and improvement of content
    • Enrichment of missing item descriptions
    • Provision of additional product images
    • Automatic translation of content



*Meplato Business suppliers are exempt from fees. We reserve the right to exclude certain connections from the prices published here. This is particularly the case when the purchasing party bears the costs. Those affected will be informed and may receive individual offers tailored to their needs, if necessary.

All fees are net fees plus the legally applicable value-added tax.